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Feel Good Food!

I am currently in the process of completing an exciting certification in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Practitioners. I have a holistic approach in my own personal life and want to bring that knowledge to the next level to support my clients in their quest to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our brains, the one in our head and the second less known, but just as important brain in our gut is highly affected by the choices we make in the foods we eat and function of our digestion!! Many people suffer from gastric issues that are making a direct impact on their mental health. Specific foods and nutritional supplements support neurotransmitters which are essential to our mental health and make the difference between feeling anxious and depressed and feeling clear minded and energized!

If you are interested in examining your nutrition, gut health and learning new habits that could have a major impact on how you feel physically and emotionally come join me and we will explore together the amazing changes food can make on your life!

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