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Junk v. Food

I recently heard someone say there is no such thing as "junk food". That made my ears perk up. What came next was utter truth... "there is food and there is junk, it can't be both". Our bodies are biodynamic, adapting to what it is surrounded with and what enters it. We can't can't control for all the environmental toxins we are exposed to, but we can choose what food we allow to enter it. What I've learned from Dr. Palevsky, a board certified pediatrician, is that within our bodies there are millions of viruses hard at work, working FOR us that is. Here is the shift in the paradigm of germs. Viruses are our friends! They work to clear waste out of our bodies. When certain conditions occur internally and/or externally a virus hits the overdrive button. That button gets pushed too if our speed of intake and production of waste is happening faster than the virus can keep up with. Fever, mucous, skin rash, diarrhea, head ache... this is the virus's effort to clear out an excess of waste that is above our bodies threshold. Each body has a different preference for how this happens. Prone to certain types of illnesses?- that's the preference. So back to the junk v. food, our first line of support for these virus to do their jobs without us feeling the affects of the overdrive mode is what we consciously put into our bodies. Preservatives, artificial ingredients, sweeteners, adds to the workload of waste removal. Foods high in vitamins and minerals supports the removal process making the viruses more efficient. So when you are making that choice of what to put into our mouthes think... is this food or junk. And when you or your child are feeling the affects of a virus in overdrive trust the body and support it: “Do less. Stimulate less. Speak less. Eat less Drink more. Sleep more. Rest more. Breathe more.”

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