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Tips for Falling Asleep!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Do thoughts come creeping in as soon as you lay your head down at night? Wish your brain had a switch to turn them off? Best kept secret coming your way... it does. To flip the switch off on your thoughts and get to sleep faster some relaxation techniques can help.

1. Pipe in some instrumental music, like Marconi Union, that has been shown to decrease anxiety.

2. Check in with your body, are you clenching your teeth, are your eyebrows knitted, how about those shoulders are they holding tension? Make a conscious effort to release your muscles

3. Place your hand on your heart and the other on your belly as you breath, this grounding pose will help cue the body to relax and quiet.

4. Be sure not look at any blue light devices (tablets/phones) one to two hours before bed, lots of research shows it's negative effects on sleep.

5. Trouble sleeping at night, then napping is a no no.

6. Don't expect overnight success, but if you can't make a dent in the time it takes to fall asleep consider support to address those thoughts that are keeping you up.

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